Everything is All

CATEGORY / Texts AUTHOR / adm1nf1l DATE / November 11, 2015

“Everything is All” series of Paintings that are inspired by the poetry of the Persian poet and mystic Jallal-ad-Din Rumi.
I combine own visual meditations, on love, politics, social issues, spiritual and everyday life, willingly interpreted in secular context with a spiritual twist. Rumi’s poetry, to my view, represents an increasing need many of us have for instinctive and mystical response to the ordinary events of life and for more joyful daily existence. These paintings depict selected poems and are inspired by them. Rendered in an idiosyncratic way, selected for its narrative, informational and social quality they promote and distribute, combined spiritual and visual character of his verse.
I use the method of Biting social commentary, cynicism and a mordant wit, conditions so clear throughout the Rumi’s work, by which I wish not merely to encourage reading his poetry, but to transfer diversity of his inner state to a wider audience and equally to myself, as an artist.

I also found a Rumi’s verse equipped with quality of clear Contemporary relevance, transient in often dangerous and unsettling circumstances. Likewise, as his work has cosmopolitan character, many people and many aspects of humanity are related to it. Additionally, what can be roused from this series is the wealth of topics used to evoke exaltation from the bare facts of the existence of the fellow-creature and to underline any sort of role at all, in the order of things. Just what it was, to my thought, Rumi’s intention after all.

Filip Matic