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  • Homeless/Epson project

    Four artists, (Alexandar Rasulić, Filip Matić, Camilla Wærenskjold and Casper Evensen) of diverse origin, showed their graphic works in Oslo. The starting point for this project was to present work that is done on screen (computer), transferred to material sheets. Thanks to collaboration with an American hardware manufacturer (Epson), the attempts have been made to …read more!

  • On Helicopters and Genitalia

    In the year of 1878, when Eadweard Muybridge made his celebrated photographs  of a galloping horse, it was not the beginning of a path towards  the discovery of the movie pictures , as those photographs thought of today. What fascinated his contemporaries most, was the overthrowing absurdity of those photographs related to the manner in …read more!

  • Sky Keepers

    Pictures have long been credited with great power, given magical properties to heal, destroy and seduce. Since ancient times, the artist has been seen as a kind of the sorcerer whose illusions, depending on the moment, are prized or decried. In this case, the photography is rolled out as a strong vehicle of liberation. It …read more!

  • German Lessons

    Not so long ago, Jean Genet, taught us that each end every technological advancement sets free, any artistic medium from the notion of reality. Photography, liberates painting from the inevitability of facts. Film relieves photography from the necessity of recording eternity. Television, on the other hand, frees film from the documentary aspect.  Internet, sets television, …read more!

  • Everything is All

    “Everything is All” series of Paintings that are inspired by the poetry of the Persian poet and mystic Jallal-ad-Din Rumi. I combine own visual meditations, on love, politics, social issues, spiritual and everyday life, willingly interpreted in secular context with a spiritual twist. Rumi’s poetry, to my view, represents an increasing need many of us …read more!