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  • Homeless/Epson project

    Four artists, (Alexandar Rasulić, Filip Matić, Camilla Wærenskjold and Casper Evensen) of diverse origin, showed their graphic works in Oslo. The starting point for this project was to present work that is done on screen (computer), transferred to material sheets. Thanks to collaboration with an American hardware manufacturer (Epson), the attempts have been made to …read more!

  • On Helicopters and Genitalia

    In the year of 1878, when Eadweard Muybridge made his celebrated photographs  of a galloping horse, it was not the beginning of a path towards  the discovery of the movie pictures , as those photographs thought of today. What fascinated his contemporaries most, was the overthrowing absurdity of those photographs related to the manner in …read more!

  • Sky Keepers

    Pictures have long been credited with great power, given magical properties to heal, destroy and seduce. Since ancient times, the artist has been seen as a kind of the sorcerer whose illusions, depending on the moment, are prized or decried. In this case, the photography is rolled out as a strong vehicle of liberation. It …read more!

  • German Lessons

    Not so long ago, Jean Genet, taught us that each end every technological advancement sets free, any artistic medium from the notion of reality. Photography, liberates painting from the inevitability of facts. Film relieves photography from the necessity of recording eternity. Television, on the other hand, frees film from the documentary aspect.  Internet, sets television, …read more!

  • Everything is All

    “Everything is All” series of Paintings that are inspired by the poetry of the Persian poet and mystic Jallal-ad-Din Rumi. I combine own visual meditations, on love, politics, social issues, spiritual and everyday life, willingly interpreted in secular context with a spiritual twist. Rumi’s poetry, to my view, represents an increasing need many of us …read more!


List of Works

A Matchless pair | Everything is All | German Lessons | Sky KeepersDrawings | Prints

A Matchless pair 

Barbie, oil on canvas, 49x69cm;
Hind, mixed technique on paper, 90x154cm;
Helio, A Matchless Pair, print on tarpaulin, 174x121cm;
Helio, she loves me, print on tarpaulin, 90x 154cm;
Matchless pair, A Matchless Pair I, enamel paint on cardboard, 86×121
Matchless, A Matchless Pair II, enamel paint on cardboard, 86x87cm;
A Matchless Pair, oil on canvas, 150x300cm;
Parkveien 76a, enamel paint, oil on canvas, 102x169cm;
A matchless pair view, installation view, 2/3, digital print, acrylic, 138x300cm;

German Lessons 

Catwalk, oil on canvas, 80x124cm;
Friday night, oil on canvas, 126x132cm;
German lessons, Was Gibt es neues? Oil on canvas, 168x122cm;
Ist es so? Oil on canvas, 98x128cm;
Jat, oil on canvas, 130x180cm;
Desert storm, Ich kann nicht kommen, oil on canvas, 95x140cm;
War trophy, Was ist heute? Heute ist Freitag, Morgen ist Samstag, oil on canvas, 66x80cm;
Enterijer 1, Was ist heute? Heute ist Freitag, Morgen ist Samstag, oil on canvas, 129x181cm;
Enterijer 2, Was tust du,Ich schreibe einen Brief, oil on canvas, 135x191cm;

Everything is All 

Der Feind Sieht Dein Licht, the Enemy can see Your light, oil on canvas, 150x182cm;
I am not a Muslim nor a Christian, oil on canvas, 79x129cm;
Man and Woman arguing, oil on canvas, 120x99cm;
Security Council, oil on canvas, 142x141cm;
Sex Drive what it does women laughter and Substances of Masculinity, oil on canvas, 206x159cm;
Thebes, oil on canvas, 146x106cm;
Mouse and the Frog, oil on canvas, 146x139cm;
Newboo, oil on canvas, 120x92cm;
If only they knew, oil on canvas, 159x135cm;

Sky Keepers 

Sky keepers, print on a PVC tarpaulin, stretched on a wooden frame, 106x100cm;
On the runway, print on a PVC tarpaulin, 80x120cm;
Pair of migs, print on a PVC tarpaulin, 80x120cm;
Portrait of a general, print on a PVC tarpaulin, 120x80cm;
Sabre, print on a PVC tarpaulin, 80x120cm;
Sky keepers, print on a PVC tarpaulin, 80x120cm;
Sky keepers, oil on paper mounted on board, 70 x120cm;


Anima animus, pen, ink on white paper mounted on cotton paper, 29.5x22cm;
Can you imagine, water color, acrylic on archive paper, 170x124cm;
Carcass, oil on kraft paper, 18×24.5cm;
Cassiano, ball pen, fine line pen, on white paper, 22x29cm;
Fly, oil on kraft paper, framed with glass, 129x95cm;
Future, fine line pen, colored pencil on white paper, 22×29;
If you are not a member, fine line pen, ball pen, water color on white paper, 15x21cm;
Trouble, ball pen, fine line pen, acrylic on white paper, 21x30cm;
After Hans Baldung, fine line pen on white paper
Kurosawa, colored ink, fine line pen, on white paper, 21x30cm;
L26, fine line pen on textbook paper, 18x29cm;
Luke, fine line pen on cotton paper, 30×21.5cm;
Rainbow, fine line pen, computer generated images, colored pencil, on white paper, 18x21cm;
Single, colored pencil, scotch tape, photo copy and pencil, artist frame, 11x15cm;
Heroin, fine line pen on textbook paper, 21x30cm;
Some of them, fine line, ink, on white paper, 21x30cm;


Ana, CMYK print on klirit, 55.9×55.2cm;
Bakarak, monoprint on paper, A4;
Bull colors, CMYK print on klirit, 120x84cm;
Bull hand-made, incision, print on klirit, 69x52cm;
Divided nation, CMYK print on klirit, 86×59;
Helio, CMYK print on klirit, 127x175cm;
Helicopter 1, CMYK print on tarpaulin, 112x89cm;
Horse head, ink jet print on paper, 62x41cm;
Indian women, CMYK print on klirit, 115x170cm;
Manual, CMYK print on klirit, 127x175cm;
Indian woman, print on metal, 124x198cm;
Mind, CMYK print on klirit, 159x115cm;
Mouse and the Frog, print on archival paper, 62x44cm;
Piloti/pilots, print on tarpaulin, 178x127cm;
Self-portrait, CMYK print on klirit, 54.4×53.8;
The Bomb Spangled Banner, CMYK print on klirit, 55.9×55.2;
Untitled, CMYK print on klirit, 127x175cm;
Homeless, ink jet print on a photo paper, variable size.
Homeless, ink jet print on an archival paper, variable size.

Exhibition View

Filip Matić

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Filip Matic (1963), born in Belgrade, Serbia, lives in Oslo/Belgrade


Instituto Europeo di Design, Graphic design department/Franco Zeri/, Rome, Italy

Metier Academy, Project Management,

Motivational Management and Effective Communication,

Oslo, Norway


2015  “New Works”, Gallery Zvono, Belgrade, Serbia

2013,  “Everything is All”, Gallery Ramfjord, Oslo, Norway

2008   “ Talking to Kitai”, Gallery Ramfjord, Oslo, Norway

2007   ” Was gibt es neues”, Shock Gallery/Art Clinic/, Novi Sad, Serbia

2005   “Nemacki u sto lekcija/German lessons”/,CZKD, pavilion Veljkovic,

Belgrade, Serbia

2005  “Sky keepers”, Gallery Zvono, Belgrade, Serbia

2004  “David Reid studio”, “three objects”, Oslo, Norway

2003  “A matchless pair”, Gallery Zvono, Belgrade, Serbia

2001  “My dairy”, own studio project, Oslo, Norway


2013  “The story of the Creative”, See.Me, NYC Gallery, New York

2013  “ALISN at Supermarket Art Fair”, “Blind Date”, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden

2011,  Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York, USA

2010  “Cultural Center,” Embassy of Republic of Serbia, Serbian Artists, Oslo, Norway

2010  “7th Berliner Kunstsalon, Germany, (short listed)

2009,  “Florence Biennale”, Florence, Italy

2009   “Biennale Chianciano”, Chianciano, Italy

2009  “London Biennial, UK, London.

2007  “The festival of the first ones”, “Social responsibility of the capital”, Gallery Prozori (windows), contribution to the project of Gabriela Vasic, Zagreb, Croatia

2006  “Suffah, camisia”, April encounters/, Aprilski susreti/, SKC, Belgrade, Serbia

2006  “Status” online questionnaire, project with artist Gabrijela Vasic, Belgrade, Serbia

2005  ”Artforum, Berlin” Berlin, Germany (Gallery Zvono)

2005  ”ViennaAffair”, Wienna, Austria (Gallery Zvono)

2004   “Juleutstilling” Gallery Semmingsen, Oslo, Norway

2000   “Homeless”, Epson Norway project, Gallery Matic, Belgrade, Serbia,

four artists: Camilla Wærenskjolds, Aleksandar Rasulic,Casper Evensen, Ellen Ane Eggen

2000   “Molde jazz festival” project/Camilla Wærenskjolds, Molde, Norway


Art Grant, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway, OUT OF THE BOX project

International support, OCA, Office for Contemporary Art Norway, OUT OF THE BOX project

The 26th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Award of Excellence, New York, USA, Juried by Elisabeth Sherman, curatorial assistant at Whitney Museum of American Art

The Gagliardi Family Collection, UK, London

Tirsova childrens hospital, Belgrade, Serbia

Pamet group, USA, Belgrade office, Belgrade, Serbia

Ministry of Culture, Republic of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia

Secretariat for Culture, City of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia

Private collections: Oslo (Norway), Belgrade (Serbia), San Francisco (USA), Canada, Germany

Seven paintings project, Asker, Norway


2015-2019, Contemporary Art project, Museum of Yugoslav History (MYH) /Norwegian Royal Embassy/Norwegian Contemporary Art scene.

2013, Qvisten Animation AS, set designer, Oslo, Norway

2007 “B92, “Stiklom u vrata”, tv show, artists profile, Belgrade, Serbia

2004 “Theatre chronology” by D. Klaic, art director, IDEM publisher, Oslo, Norway

2001  U. Eco book, art director, IDEM publisher, Oslo, Norway

2000 “Degraded capability”, art director, IDEM publisher,Oslo, Norway

1997  “EURO RSCG”, space design, own art objects, decoration, Oslo, Norway

1994   “CMC Group”, Art Director, Belgrade, Serbia


Norwegian Royal Embassy, online article/Norway and Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia

Art & Culture magazine, article, Oslo, Norway

Press realize, Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York, USA

Catalogue review, Agora Gallery, New York, USA

Gallery Ramfjord, 10 years, edition, catalogue, Oslo, Norway

Florence Biennial 2009 edition, Florence, Italy

Chianciano Art Museum 2009 edition, Chianciano, Italy

Magazine Rez, I. Pravdic article: “Exhibition that initiate a discourse”

“German lessons”, catalogue text, V. Tupanjac, I. Pravdic, Center for Cultural Decontamination

“Suffah, Camisia”, text for april encounters, F. Matic V.I.P. gallery/SKC, Belgrade, Serbia

“Sky keepers”, catalogue text, F. Matic, N. Matic,publisher gallery Zvono, Novi Sad, Serbia

“A matchless pair”, “On helicopters and genitalia” catalogue text by B. Dimitrijevic, publisher    Gallery Zvono, Novi Sad, Serbia

“One story completed”,  Politika newspaper, article by M. Djordjevic , Belgrade, Serbia

“Homeless”, text by C.Evensen, photos by E. A. Eggen

Filip MatiĆ


+381 60 14 98 332